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Increase your brain power! Brain games is based on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skill: memory, attention, speed, reaction, concentration, logic and more. 
Games for Training your Mind – for all ages: for kids, for adults, and for everybody. 
Brain Teasers do not require special knowledge so everyone can improve their brain function through repetition and adaptation. 
The features of our memory games:
- simple and useful logic games
- memory exercises
-speed training and concentration 
- even small children can play them
-not only useful but also it’s so fun 

Our games are designed to increase your brain performance. Our brain can not be stretched. If doesn’t contract as your leg muscles as you walk. But the more you exercise your brain the more neural connections are created in your brain. The more your brain activity - the more oxygen rich blood gets there.
If a person exercises the brain not often - existing connections get weaker, brain gets less oxygen and starts to work slower. Health of intellect directly depends on brain neural network state.
How to improve your logic? It's very simple, install our application and train your memory every day while playing. 



Brain Color Games.apk 11 MB