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Actually, the ghosts are not scary, they are just careless.

Hurry, Let's give a tap and hunt them!

As a hunter, there are so many ghosts out there to hunt. Pick the best or favourite weapon and then tap to hit them, one hit is enough to catch them. Tap all the ghosts as many as you can and be the best hunter among the players around the world!

Challenge your skill with these features :
- Simple tap game
- 7 challenging ghost hunt modes
- 20+ frightening ghost
- 200+ weapons with special graphic effect
- 10 beautiful themes
- A lively ghost hit celebration
- Daily full bonus coins

Also, you can compete and challenge your friends in player vs player modes :

1. Time Mode
Speed with time, who is fast and stay tap on target until the end, he will win.

2. Score Mode
Always stay tap on target, hunt ghosts as many as you can and beat your friends score.

Go prove it who is the best hunter! Tap, hit and catch all the ghosts!
Let's hunt!

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Semarang - Indonesia

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